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Wind Mill Turbine

Wind Mill Turbine

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Wind Mill Turbine

Use of wind turbine is one of the oldest methods of harnessing energy from wind to pump water. However majority of the wind mill available in the market are Aerodynamic wind mills. These types of wind mill require high cut-in speed (minimum wind speed requires for starting, i.e about 12 to 15 km/hr) and this is a major limitations for majority of the Indian geographical area except coastal area. It also requires high maintenance and very expensive also.  The wind mill designed by Md. Mehtar D Hussain and Mustaq Ahmad is very innovative and unique in nature. It is not aerodynamic but it is a DRAG TYPE low height wind mill for lifting ground water.
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Technical Specification:

  • It starts at very low wind speed (i.e about 8 to 10 km/ hr), very easy to use and maintain and cheap compared to conventional aerodynamic wind mill.
  • Instead of gearbox (as used in conventional wind mill), for the conversion of rotary motion to reciprocating motion, crank mechanism is used.
  • Turbine blades are made of light weight material.
  • Furling tail mechanism & manual brake system is provided to safe guard it against the high wind velocity.
  • The windmill structure is made from MS. The structure is divided into three main components via; Base structure, intermediate structure and head assembly (Rotor, crank and tail assembly).
  • For the conversion of rotary motion to reciprocating motion, crank and connecting rod mechanism is used. The crank mechanism with the rod, which in turn is connected to the cylinder at the bore.
  • Turbine blades are made of lightweight material and are given the proper angle so that the higher wind power can be harnessed and thereby can pump the water from greater depth.
  • Furling tail mechanism and manual brake system has been incorporated in the windmill to safe guard it against the high wind velocity. The tail is being offset to the central axis in proportion to the offset of the rotor from the same. The tail is mounted on the inclined shaft in such a way that it gets restored as the wind speed comes down.

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