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Vatsal Tong

Vatsal Tong

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Product Description

Vatsal Tong

It is an innovative design of tong which consists a pair of two spring steel rod bended/shaped in such a way that device can hold the edged utensils. Tongs are fixed at the two opposite edge of vessel. Rubber grip is provided to ensure better handling and safety from heat

In everyday life, one has to deal with hot plates and vessels regularly, mostly in kitchen. Tongs are one of the commonly used gadgets used for these purposes. The conventional tongs available in the market are very clumsy in design; generally have revat joint which results in play after a certain period of time, causing accidents many times. Generally, women use cloth or saree border for lifting heavy hot water vessel, which cause accident.

Technical Specifications

  • Made from the 3mm spring steel rod.
  • Pair of tong is used to lift a vessel.
  • Present tong can be used for lifting variable diameter vessels.