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Tong Home Appliances

Tong Home Appliances

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Product Description

Tong Home Appliances

Shri Arvindbhai Patel took the challenge for designing an innovative tong. He keenly watched the functioning of the common household tongs and discussed the problems with the potential users. From the feedbacks, which he obtained about the conventional tongs, he designed a gadget, which is closest to their requirements. In addition, it is user-friendly and very cheap as compared to the conventional tongs available in the market.

In everyday life one has to deal with hot plates and vessels regularly, mostly in kitchen. To avoid the high temperature, one either uses some insulators or some sort of gadgets, which are very expensive in the market. Tongs are one of the commonly used gadgets used for these purposes. It is basically a utensil-holding device inevitable in any kitchen, laboratory and mechanical workshop. Tongs available in the market are often clumsy and unsatisfactory for the user. In most of the cases they are unreliable and cause accidents.

Technical Specifications
The tong is made from stainless steel pipe having length adjustment facility to fit vessels with different diameters. Spring mechanism is provided for length adjustment facility. End of each shafts are connected with semi-circular arc type plate and handle grip to hold edge of the utensil, which ensures safe lifting and usage. The tong can hold 10 – 15 kgs of weight.