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Portable Energy Efficient Wood Stove

Portable Energy Efficient Wood Stove

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Product Description

Portable Energy Efficient Wood Stove

Jayprakash’s innovative stove is a double chambered efficient portable stove,. It can use coconut shell or wood as a fuel. Innovator has improvised the stove by incorporating a secondary combustion chamber for burning the un-burnt bio mass and hydrocarbons coming out with the smokes/exhaust. As a result, the thermal efficiency of the stove has improved while the pollution has reduced. There are two layers of ceramic materials having 2 inch gap between it. The outer wall also has two openings for air inlet and the inner wall also as secondary holes that facilitate the burning of smoke that enhances the fuel efficiency. The air enters through the outer wall gets heated in the annular chamber, and it enters through the holes through the combustion chamber and hence provides full combustion.

To meet their cooking energy needs, large numbers of households in the country’s poorer, rural areas used traditional chulha/ stoves which consume used firewood and other biomass as fuel. The fuel efficiency of this chulha are very very low and it creates indoor pollution and burning solid fuels indoors results in high levels of toxic pollutants, a major risk factor for lung cancer, and cardiovascular and respiratory disease. Indoor air pollution in participating houses was high: health tests to measure smoke levels in the lungs found that women had an average.

It has been tested by Integrated Rural Technology Centre, Mandur, Palakkad and found to be 37.67% efficient with fire wood and 29.48%.

Technical Specifications

  • This stove is transportable and has high burning efficiency 37.6% against an efficiency of 17% with other stoves.
  • Different kinds of fuel woods, bio mass can be used.