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Motorcycle Driven Plough

Motorcycle Driven Plough

Product Details:


Product Description

Bullet Shanti

Owing to scarcity of draft animal power and to reduce cost of agricultural operation, the innovator has developed a motorcycle driven plough. He has used chassis of an Enfield bullet motorcycle in front, and has retrofitted an attachment with two wheels at the rear with the tool bar to fit various farm implements.
It is designed to replace animal driven farm implements for agricultural operations consisting of shallow ploughing, sowing and inter culturing. It can improve productivity and reduce operating costs for farmers, who currently use bullock-driven plough and cannot afford the tractors or power tillers.

Technical Specification 

  • Can plough about two acres in 1 litre of diesel
  • Can plough 8 to 12 acres in 8 hrs (1 day) depending upon the operation and type of soil.
  • Distance between rear wheels can be adjusted as per crop spacing
  • Provision for plough lifting mechanism & reverse gears which facilitates easier field operation
  • Performs Multi farm operation: Farming, inter-culturing and sowing operation
  • Engine power required : 6.5 hp