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Mitti cool Refrigerator

Mitti cool Refrigerator

Product Details:


Product Description

Mitti cool Refrigerator

This earthen made cooler has cabinet like structure that has a water storage tank on the top and below it has two selves. The capacity of water tank is 5, 10 and 15 Liters and a small tap is there to take water from it. Water percolate down and keep cool. The market for this Mitti cool fridge is low-income group population and electricity scare areas. In rural area, where electricity supply is not adequate there is much potential for marketing of this mitti cool fridge and for those urban areas where electricity is not adequate it is good alternative.  

Technical Specifications

  • About 20 liters of water, 5 kg of vegetables, fruits and 5 litres milk or any liquid material can be kept inside the refrigerator.
  • Dimensions (inches)– Height – 18.5, Width – 11, Depth – 11
  • Weight – 20 kgs