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Maruti Jhula

Maruti Jhula

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Product Description

Maruti Jhula

We offer a wide range of Maruti Jhula.

“Health is wealth” is old saying but everybody is not capable to pay a lot of money and time for his health. Shri Sakrabhai Prajapati, an innovator from Gujarat has developed Maruti Jhula which is combination of chair and exercise machine. This product is ideally situated for Indian urban middle class adult who seldom goes to a health club or outdoors for exercise and would prefer an easy chair, which he can use both for relaxation and exercise.

Technical Specification

It serves the purpose of seating as well as exercising with a capacity to accommodate a person weighing 120 kg.

•    When not in use (unfolded) Length 4 ft, width -2.75 ft , Height - 4 ft
•    When folded: Length -5ft, Width -1.75 ft, and Height - 4 ft
•    While swinging: Maximum area covered -length-7 ft, Width - 2.75 ft, Height -4 ft