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Manual Brick Making Machine

Manual Brick Making Machine

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Manual Brick Making Machine

This is a manual brick making machine, which has mechanized the process of moulding, removing excess mud and pressing enhancing the productivity.

This machine can be operated by standing thereby eliminating the requirement of continuous sitting in awkward position. The device has been designed in such a way that apart from reducing the drudgery, it can also increase the productivity to almost three times the conventional method. It can make fifty bricks at a time as compared to other brick making machines, which make 10-15 bricks at a time. In the conventional method, a team of 6 people can make 1500 bricks in 8 hours, which gives them earning of Rs. 1000-1500. This machine also requires a team of 6 labourers for its operation however, high productivity of machine helps them to earn more income i.e. Rs.4000-5000 in 8 hours’ time. Another social advantage of the machine is that due to its design, child labour cannot be involved, which is quite common in brick making industry.

The first prototype developed by him weighed about 300kg, which he has worked upon and reduced to 120kg in his second prototype. Chandrasekhar is still modifying the machine and trying to reduce weight and improve efficiency further so that it can then be given to people for their livelihood generation.