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Lemon Cutting Machine

Lemon Cutting Machine

Product Details:


Product Description

Lemon Cutting Machine

The innovative machine can be effectively used by any Food Processing Industry such as pickles or masala manufacturers. Large quantities of lemon to the required shape and size can be cut in a continuous fashion. Better quality of slices produced- slices of fruit produced are of a uniform nature and are neatly and conveniently collected and recovered.

Pickle manufacturing is a very labor intensive industry. The major reasons attributed to this could be the prevailing small scales and the process of preparation of pickles, which is an aggregation of small, specialized tasks. Most of the over 500 pickle manufacturers spread across the country with major concentration in South India operate at either the cottage, small or tiny industry scale with few exceptions. Another important and noteworthy feature has been the seasonality involved in pickle manufacturing. It is primarily dependent on the availability of the fruits. In the case of lemon, the season is during April-June and September to mid- December. It is observed very often that availability of labour becomes the limiting factor for the industry during the season.

Technical Specifications

  • Height – 40″ – Breadth – 30″ – Length – 40″
  • Weight – Approximately: 350 Kgs
  • Power – 220V – AC (2 HP) – 3 Phase or Single Phase
  • Each piece of lemon is cut into 4,8,16 slices as per the choice
  • Very Low Power Consumption.