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Innovative Pulleys

Innovative Pulleys

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Innovative Pulleys

Innovator attached a stopper over the pulley so that by the backward movement of rope, lever will press it automatically and would not let it slip. Now the person can take the rest as long as one wishes, without having to keep holding the rope. He developed and tried out three different version with different technical features and finalized tow models i.e Ganga and Saraswati Pulley.

Ganga Pulley

The shape of the pulley is such that it is inherently wear‐resistant and long‐lasting. The material of the pinion is made from steel that reduced the friction and ensured smooth functioning without the use of a bearing. It requires welding of the pulley on an iron rod with the help of iron fabricators or affixing with a screw on the iron angle.

Saraswati Pulley

To overcome the issues involved in welding and fabricating iron beam or rod as extension in case of Ganga pulley , innovator provided hook structure to hang the pulley on existing rod.Any local artisan of the village can do the installation of the pulley.By affixing it on two‐iron angles of length five to six feet: These iron angles may then be inserted in the soil to an approximate depth of two feet near the border of the well. Care should be taken to give the pulley a 45‐ degree tilt so that the brake functions properly. By fixing the extended portion of the pulley on the wall of the well with the help of screws. In absence of any wall‐support, the pulley may be installed on the iron rod / wooden beam, used in the case of a