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Hydro Electricity Turbine

Hydro Electricity Turbine

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Product Description

Hydro Electricity Turbine

We offer a wide range of Hydro Electricity Turbine. Electricity supply in the hills is always a problems with either the difficulty of access or distribution or disruption.  Innovator has designed a hydro electric turbine specially designed for the streams in the hilly terrains. It  can be simply installed in a stream of flowing water. The novelty of this innovation is that it can be also installed in the stream of running water & the design of the turbine can be customized according to the requirements.

Technical Specification

  • The major components of this turbine include alternator, balance wheel & belt pulley, V-belt & V-pulley.
  • Water crush by force through nozzle, peloton wheels tarts rotating on customized RPM level. The peloton wheel so connected to alternator generates the power. Such power is distributed for transmission through wires for  various appliances.
  • The minimum height of the water reservoir should be 30 ft.
  • The average lent of the pipe from the reservoir should be 300 ft

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