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HNP - 'Petrol Performance Enhancer'

HNP - 'Petrol Performance Enhancer'

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Product Description

We are counted among one of the well-known suppliers engaged in providing properly functioning HNP - 'Petrol Performance Enhancer' to our clients. These enhancers are widely used in motor cycles and cars for creating air fuel mixture. All the enhancers are appreciated by our patrons for their striking attributes such as less maintenance, easy to fit nature, lightweight and energy efficient. In addition to this, HNP - 'Petrol Performance Enhancer' we offer is available to customers in various sizes and dimensions.

Other information:

HNP - 'Petrol Performance Enhancer'

A device which introduces a small amount of air ahead of fresh charge at the beginning of suction stroke thus forming heterogeneous air fuel mixture in the cylinder. The upper charge near the spark plug has normal air-fuel mixture and charge at the lower end is lean. Combustion starts normally and flame propagates at normal pace towards the end fuel to produce sufficient power. The burned air-fuel mixture when exhausted during the exhaust stroke involves lesser losses.


It saves petrol consumption by 10-15% per liter for four stroke engine bikes etc.

At the beginning of the suction, partial vacuum is created inside the engine inlet manifold. Due to the vacuum fresh air-fuel mixture enters into the inlet manifold from the carburetor, at the same time small amount of air enters into the manifold through the device. This air moves ahead of fresh air-fuel mixture during the first part of suction stroke. During later stage of suction , the piston moves forward due to vacuum which blocks the hole and further suction of air is stopped and the engine operates in normal manner.

  • Very small product which can be fitted on motor cycles or cars without any change in vehicle design etc.
  • Light in weight
  • Easy to fit and use, low cost, 100% safe
  • Low maintenance
  • Saves fuel /petrol consumption by 15% or more

Technical Specifications

Rubber pipe, steel & valve, etc.

The device is connected to the inlet manifold after the carburetor near the inlet valve, through a flexible house. Device has a small piston inside the cylinder. The piston is kept at its position through coil spring at both the ends. A small hole having a calibrated nozzle is drilled ahead of normal position of piston. Opening for connection is at the front of the cylinder.

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