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High Voltage Protector

High Voltage Protector

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Product Description

High Voltage Protector

A High voltage protector (HvP) is an appliance designed to protect devices from instant high voltage, also the voltage generated form thunder. A High voltage protector cut the output electric supply whenever it gets hazardous input voltage. It will remain cut till the high voltage present in the terminal of the input supply. When the input voltage becomes normal the device will supply the normal voltage automatically to the appliances.

Often in the power line it has been seen that a sudden high voltage or over voltage passed in the power line, which damages home electrical appliances like fridge, TV, washing machine, PC etc. there are no device that can prevent the high voltage or over voltage and protect the appliances. The high voltage or over voltage pass in the power line due to a) defect in Power distribution transformer (when Neutral point defective) b) during lightening in raining season c) during HT power line voltage variation and d) in case of wrong connection done by lineman in the pole, during maintenance. The device developed by the innovator can protect the appliance from sudden change in voltage and prevent the damage.

Electronics and Electrical Engineering (EEE), IIT Guwahati has validated the Claim of the innovator.

Numuligarh Refnery Ltd (NRL)., Assam has installed the device in three oil pump run by them. Hindustan Petroleum (HP) has installed the device in one of their oil pumps. Besides these he sold 11 devices among the domestic customers.

Numuligarh Refn

Technical Specifications
The selected cut voltage for single phase 220V AC is 270V and for three phases 440V is 520V, however the cut off voltage can be adjusted.