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Compost Aerator

Compost Aerator

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Product Description

Compost Aerator

Innovator’s machine is a tractor PTO driven machine, which can thoroughly mix and moisten the bio-waste, reducing the time of decomposition from 3-4 months to 20-45 days. The revolving blades of machines mixes the waste material systematically while as fine water spray is done simultaneously by the attachment fitted with machine. After completing the first round of mixing the material is left for a day or two and process is repeated after an interval of 2-3 days so that process of natural decomposition takes place. After 4-5 days and repetition of mixing process 2-3 times, the compost is ready to use in Agriculture as natural/organic fertilizer.

Technical Specifications

  • Blade 75mm x 200mm
  • Hard Carbon Steel body
  • Router box diameter-16",length-100", width-50"
  • Hydraulic Valve, Water Pump
  • 200 litre water tank