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Coconut / Palm Tree Climbing Device

Coconut / Palm Tree Climbing Device

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Product Description

Coconut / Palm Tree Climbing Device

The Innovator has developed a simple, safe, easy to use device for any season and by any person, cutting down the climbing time to 1-2 minutes for a 40 m tree as against 4-5 minutes traditionally required. It can be an income-generating product for NGO working for economic empowerment. The device is used to climb on tall palms to pluck fruits and apply pesticides.
Cuts down climbing time to 1/4 when compared to traditional method and also enhance safety.
Man power - 1 person
Output: The user can climb 40 m in 1-2 minutes. MS steel, steel rope wire (steel wires of 19 strings – as a rope) and rubber pad.

Technical Specifications

  • The palm climber consists of two metal loops of 10 mm MS rod having subloops, rubber belt, wire ropes, connecting clamp, MS plates etc.
  • Dimensions of the equipment: 116 X 34 X 13 (cm)
  • Applicable for Tree Diameter of: 15-32cm
  • Material: Iron / MS steel, steel rope wire and rubber pad.
  • Weight: 7.9 kg (Iron body)