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Block Making Machine

Block Making Machine

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Block Making Machine

The brick making machine can efficiently undertake all operations like soil lump breaking, raw material mixing and block/brick making.

The machine consists of three units, viz. material mixing unit, conveyor unit, and block moulding unit, which can make approximately 140-150 blocks (of size 15 x 9 x 7 inches) per hour. It can also be used for making conventional and interlocking bricks of different sizes by changing the mould. This machine eliminates the need to employ woman and child labour in the brick making process.

Among his other innovative works is hydraulic wood splitting machine, which splits wood logs by dropping a vertically mounted hydraulic plunger having conical shaped tool at the bottom end. It is very useful in cutting big sized knots or joints in a log/ trunk, which otherwise are difficult to cut using an axe or a saw. The machine can split any width of trunk and height up to 3 feet. He donated one machine to the Keshod graveyard on the first death anniversary of his father. This machine has helped workers as splitting trunks can be done in minutes, which took hours earlier.

In Gujarat there is a traditional of making bird feeding platforms of various kinds, shapes and sizes. Using a waste plastic bottle and plastic tray, Arjunbhai has made a mobile bird feeding platform, which can be hung anywhere. The tray is set around the bottle, which is filled with seeds and has holes. The birds sit on the tray and punch the bottle by their beak releasing the seeds on the tray through the holes on the bottle, preventing wastage of seeds.Using his cow dung pot/log making machine is a manual machine that can be used to make pots or logs from cow dung. The logs are used as fuel while the pots are used in nursery replacing plastic bags.