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Biomass Gasifier

Biomass Gasifier

Product Details:


Product Description

Biomass Gasifier

Equipment generates producer gas from bio-waste and uses it to run an engine. Fuel wood or briquettes from agricultural residues can be fed to this gasifier as bio-waste. The fuel consumption of gasifier is reported to be 1 kg/kVA, which is claimed to be almost 30-40 per cent less than other available designs.

The biomass based gasifier can be used to operate pump sets in remote fields, lift water in homes, operate basic machines such as saw mills, flour mills and generate electricity by charging the alternator

Users of Biomass gas (producer gas) as a fuel generally complains about the choking in the engine after running for certain period time. The innovator has changed the conventional design of gasifier specially the filters and cooling units to get the clean gas, ensuring smooth operation of engine at low operation cost.

Technical Specifications

  • Capacity-5kw to 50 Kw.
  • Three Phase, P.F. 0.8.
  • Water cooled, Two Cylinder, four cylinder, six cylinder and eight cylinder.
  • Self Start, Alternator with complete standard accessories (without Battery).