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Bicycle Sprayer

Bicycle Sprayer

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Product Description

Bicycle Sprayer

To find out the way, Mansukhbhai Jagani, a farmer cum artisan with a passion for mechanical innovation developed a bicycle operated sprayer, which is very efficient and affordable by the farmers. It is an attachment, which essentially uses the circular motions of the cycle sprocket to move the piston of the spray pump which generates pressure to spray the pesticides. The front and rear sprockets of a thrown away bicycle are interchanged and the small sprocket is connected to the piston pump, so as the circular motion is converted to reciprocating motion of the piston and thus the pressure is generated and thus the pesticides are sprayed on the field.

Spraying of Agrochemicals in the field is a tedious and laborious task. The conventional knapsack sprayers available in the market are require manual labor to operate, which is difficult to find due to movement of farm laborers toward cities. The small farmers cannot afford to buy the power operated sprayer or tractor-mounted sprayers available in the market, as these are very costly and are of not much use to small farmers due to small land holdings.

Technical Specifications

  • Span of use - approximately 3.5 feet from user (either side)
  • Capacity of tank: 25 to 30 liter
  • It can cover 4 acres area in 3 hrs