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Asu Making Machine

Asu Making Machine

Product Details:


Product Description

Asu Making Machine required a hand winding process of yarn (locally termed as Asu) before weaving various patterns on the loom in the traditional ‘Tie & Dye’process. This is a very tedious and cumbersome process, involves about 9000 to and fro hand movements for each saree , Ideally takes about 5-6 hours, practically 1 day or 1.5 -2 days. Only women folk performed the task for decades.
  • Innovator Mr  C Mallesham a traditional weaver, has made a device to mechanize this process and relieve women from 8-9 hours of labour  everyday .
  • The machine will helps weavers save time as it just takes 90 minutes to weave a saree with machine as compared to the four hours required in the manual process. This has brought a revolution in the weaver community
  • Women would suffer no more from Back pains, loss of eye sight due to the manual Asu making process
  • Increased number of sarees can be produced by sharing of work between men and women.
  • From about 6-8 sarees/month, now they can produce  about10-11 sarees

Technical Specifications
The automatic machine consists of a micro controller, motor, power transmission system and arrangement for switching over the yarn from one spoke to another. The innovator has two versions -

  • Semi automatic that is not having micro controller rather a mechanical control system.
  • Automatic having micro controller. In both the versions the user needs to place bundle of yarn on the specified place, put the thread from the primary spoke to secondary spokes (other side) manually and the machine is switched on, the machine follows the sequence and completes the task automatically without human intervention.

Semi automatic machine takes 6 hours while the automatic machine takes 1.5 hours for a saree.

  • Electricity consumption per hour - 1 unit
  • No. of manpower needed for operating the machine - 1 person
  • 4 Limit Switches are used for the machine, which has to be replaced after 6 months