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Agricultural Trench Digger

Agricultural Trench Digger

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Product Description

Agricultural Trench Digger

The trench digger developed by innovator is tractor-mounted machine that makes trench with sharp edges rapidly. The machine has a long arm having a rotator chain over it and sharp edged blades mounted over the chain. These blades cut the soil and throw it out as the chain rotates continuously. This chain is supported by a large wheel at the rear end of the arm and two mini wheels framed up on the main frame slot. The arrangement consists of a planetary gear system and motion converter unit to deliver power from the tractor, a chain gear and roller system and a belt with sharp trench digging blades of high carbon steel. An additional gear drive system is mounted within the wheel of the tractor to convert the 550 rpm of the tractor wheel to the desired 90 rpm speed of the shaft. 

Technical Specifications

  • Mounted on a 45 hp tractor.
  • Roller Chain- 27 feet long, 108 links mounted on 74 blades.
  • Rear Wheel - 20 inch diameter.
  • Lower Chain Gear- 11 inch diameter with 13 teeth.
  • Chain Gear - 22-inch diameter with 32 teeth.
  • Mini Rollers - 2 rollers each 8-9 inch diameter and 11-12 teeth.